Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grandma Jo's birthday!

I finally got to the business of uploading the pictures off my camera. I have to share with you now a little of the fun we had celebrating my Mom-in-love's birthday. We got to hang out with her all day and bask in her birthiness! We went out to our favorite orchard for apples. We "did lunch" at a fave restaurant where we ate things like "Taste of Nirvana", vegetarian squid rolls and gigantic "Crepe Fantasia". They have a sweet waitress there that we enjoy. Unfortunately for her, she has a condition that makes it very difficult to walk, she speaks only a little English and is possibly hard of hearing. These non-waitressy qualities make us do things like set our own tables up, meet her halfway so she doesn't have to walk so far and beg for our food. I swear, I could not convince her to give me some tea. It became an epic battle to trick her into giving me tea. I won because I did actually get some... for dessert. While this sounds terrible, it can be hilarious, especially when we are the only ones there. Plus, it is always funny when almost everyone at this big table orders the same dish.
Vlad tastes Nirvana with the birthday Grandma
Robs and Jas Nirvana it up too
Sweet Nirvana! Two more orders please! Surely they must be running out by now.
Olivia demands to crawl around the place. Maybe to get me some TEA!
These guys check out the Crepe Fantasia. It has tofu skin. How do they get skin from a tofu?

     Then it was back home for naps, coffee and that perennial birthday favorite, the wrinkled cookie oval. I swear it was perfectly round prior to baking. But it was delish!
The lovely bday gal keeps Hermes from gobbling up the cookie

Wishing time!

I hope someone wished for ice cream, because that was next on the agenda for this group. We finished up the day at Sweet Moses with homemade ice cream!
     Thank you Jo, for letting us make all kinds of merry with you on your day! It was the BEST!

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