Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple Picking 2011

     Apple picking is one of my favorite traditions for our family. I think I lke it better than Christmas even. There is no prep, no gift purchasing, just good old fun and delicious treats. We go to Burnham Orchards each year, which includes a visit to the bakery for apple fritters, slushies made from peach or apple cider, kettle corn popped in a gigantic kettle that looks like it should be filled with molten metal, not sweet and salty popcorn wonderfulness. We feed goats, admire bees and chat it up with the Grandfather-type guy that collects the money out in the orchard. We picnic and eat apples like it is our job. This year it was hot, in the 80's, which was strange, but nice because the sky was blue, blue, blue.

We participated in an ancient and mystical ritual  devoted to the worship of Sugar.

the Hoffamily enjoy the orchard

Apparently eating apples can lead to glowing ears and other appendages.

A more serious tribute to the star of the day, the lowly apple.

we like to tease him about this by asking him why he was naked at the orchard. He accuses us of "mocking him", and he will not be mocked.

a short hike down to the river

Ole Farmer Bangsy

There were indeed donuts. With orange fosting.

Feeding of the goats, a family tradition continues

My keebler elves.

We always manage to smooch a little. the fresh air brings it out  of us

Even my two girls got in on the apple action

We stopped off for a bite to eat and some ice cream, because at this point, why the hell not?!? We acted like idiots that had never been out in public before and managed to have a fine old time of it.

We managed to also fit in a whole "turning one" photoshoot with the Divine Miss O.
Ain't she the sweetest little Pumpkin in the patch?

All in all, it was a great outing this year. Now it is time for making applesauce and perhaps a pie. Such  wonderful things, apples are.

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