Friday, February 17, 2012

cabin fever is setting in

This has been a week of fevers (cabin and regular fevers), coughing and sniffling. We haven't gone anywhere or  done much of anything. But some things roll on, like the weekly bread baking. My recipe has advanced to healthier status, now with ground flax and 100% whole wheat flour. I hope to add some other grains too.

NOTHING in the world is better than cast iron bread pans. word.

A project by request of Wolfie to have Heroica Barbarian shoulder pads. What's that saying about idle hands? So what would a barbarian's mother do when her sweet little Barbarian needs  new spiky battle padding? She would crochet him some, pronto!
  Please note that he wears ONE pad, but my barbarian really needed two. Oy.

sorry, but dark dreary days make for lousy photos. But isn't he fierce and spiky?

Then there is always internet shopping to do!!!! V;ad is a popsicle addict. I hate all the crap in them and I try not to buy plastic.  lo and behold, stainless steel popsicle makers

We can't wait to have these tonight! I thought about some less expensive and also some new techie types of pop makers, but I think these will last better for us. We will have to try some more creative ones but we started with ones made from some lemonade we whipped up and some O.J.

Speaking of Vlad and cooking, he got to play with the valentine cookie dough scraps. It kept his crabby butt occupied for a nice long while and was well worth the clean up effort.

Hope the week has been healthy and happy for you!!!!!!


  1. OMG When did the popsicle maker come?!?!?!

  2. The popsicle maker arrived one day after I ordered it!