Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Times at the Hoffman Haus

Just a little peek into this past week...
buns 2
Home made buns, mmmmmmmmm! We had egg salad sandwiches on these babies. Goodness gracious were they good. I made the mistake of reading the label on the fresh baked buns I bought last time from the bakery. I thought they would be decent since they were fresh baked. Nope, lots of stuff I couldn't identify, yuck. So I whipped up these bad boys. If you have a kitchenaid or food processor with a dough blade, you an whip up this dough in about 10 minutes with only water, honey, yeast, flour and salt.
groundhog's day (2)
BTW, Scaredy Squirrel books are HOT, HOT, HOT in our house right now!

I forgot to post our Punxatawney Phil cookies we had on Groundhog's day. This year I used my friend Reva's sugar cookie recipe and sandwiched them with some chocolate buttercream "shadows".

oatmeal box (1)
A cure for cabin fever-- the oatmeal box. My hoover hates me for it. Vlad loves it.

vlad's mice
Speaking of keeping Vlad busy, let me introduce you to his mice. They are named Red Red, Blue Blue, Pink get the picture. He has been playing with these for days! They were really easy to whip up, and a few are actually ninjas.

uncle wolf
Wolf is loving being an Uncle. Luckily, Olivia is a sweetheart and a tough little cookie!

The weather here has been insanely warm for February in Cleveland. So, we hit the beach!


Well, let's see if snow hits this weekend. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would like to go sledding. Plus, my bulbs are starting to sprout already! We will see what Mother Nature has in store!

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