Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Fat Tuesday Paczki Adventure

It's Mardi Gras, and for this family (mainly me) that means an excuse for paczki! So off we went to the donut shop in our Mardi Gras finery, in the midst of snowy ice rain. So we put on our puffy coats and pulled our festive beads out on top. The boys were very concerned that thieves may try to take their valuable beads. Vladdie decided to wear an Egyptian Kufi as well, because he rocks like that.
     We get to the Donut destination and Vlad DOES NOT WANT TO GO IN. This is very common for him, but I don't want to leave him in the car alone. So, I convinced him to stand in the vestibule where I could still see him, but technically would fulfill his "not going in" rule. The only customers were the gang of old-timers that are usually there all day.
     All was well and I was buying the last dozen they had left. As I went to finish my order, the Oldsters started to leave, and as they exited, they came across a sullen, kufi topped kid wearing 3 pounds of Mardi Gras beads standing in the vestibule. One Grandpa was enticed to say, "Hello". That was it! Vlad shrieked and flew out the door, running wild! The Oldsters ran off after him! Surely they were bandits, out to get his beads and mock his hated puffy jacket. I send Wolfie out after them. By the time I get outside, Vlad has made it all around the entire building, and I see him rounding the corner... Kufi falling over his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks, beads swinging. He is clocked at about one MPH, as it is hard to run like hell when you have on rubber caterpillar galoshes. Close behind him was the gang of Oldsters, going about 1/2 MPH. Lastly, there is Wolf, who comments, "It's like the apocalypse!"
Good times...
p.s. the donuts were delish!

photo taken pre-apocalypse

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