Friday, February 3, 2012

A Slice of Life in the Hoffman School for Wayward Boys...

O.J. experiment--We squeezed oranges and gathered quantitative and qualitative data, comparing and contrasting with  O.J. from concentrate.

A dino dig! I picked up these paleontology kits for a buck each from some clearance rack somewhere a long time ago. We finally "dug them up"

Naked paleontology? No! Just all that chiseling worked up a sweat!
The reward of all that digging? Incredible growing dino! Just add water! and wait... for like 2 days...for it to increase by at least 2% in size!
Vlad made a bowling alley, with a ball return!

Aunt Robyn and Dad instruct in checkers and chess.

Dad leaves a message to 2 anally retentive youngsters.

The youths angrily respond with their own statement.
The very warm weather brings tons of wildlife to the campus.

The new 2012 motto for the kitchen

A mustache magically appears!
Wolf decides to color my old Peanuts collection. It looks so nice!

The school mascots are thriving! Vermicomposting is fun!
Ninjago, of course! Legos have become omnipresent!


  1. Wonderful stuff! Thanks for sharing. Can I enroll myself?...although I'm not a boy, I am a bit wayward...!