Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

     I think I have celebrated 23 Mother's days in my career as a mama. It is always so wonderful to think back on how the path of motherhood has changed for me. I have so many happy mother's days to remember and this most recent one continued in this happy tradition. We spent the day with My In-Loves -- Mom, Dad, Wendy and Adam. We went to Pymatuning Deer Park, had a lovely picnic and then hit the linesville spillway for some carp feeding. On the way home we wandered off to a blue heron rookery that we saw a sign for. We also shared some icecream from a roadside stand. The weather was absolutely perfect--warm (not hot) and sunny. Good company, perfect weather and delicious food-- the Mother's day trifecta! Did I mention there was a building full of parakeets? You got to take a honey and seed stick in and have them swarm you! Yeah. Life. is. Good.

Yes! That is a huge porcupine!

Mother' day gift-- the boys pretended to be Ingalls-Wilder characters, proving they have learned a few things from me reading the Little house books to them!, Ah, sweet validation.


Wolf talked to the guy leading him the whole time, big surprise, right? He said his pony was named Popcorn  :)

Mad Budgie skills!

Feeding the carp at the Linesville spillway, or as the Hoffbros call it, "The BlackHole of Carp". They describe it as "Ultimate", which is their ultimate compliment!

Feeding the Oxen/cattle, whatever, I'm a city girl!)
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The proof that Mama Jo is the Budgie whisperer!
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  1. i LOVE reading your bloggity blogs...

    reading this brought me back to some amazing long weekends back in grade school--pymatuming lake! (remember how eternal the drive felt? haha) we camped at holiday camplands and always had to stop and feed the carp! wonder if the campground is still there... (?)

    thank you for bringing back the memories. been many years since i thought of those weekends!

    love and aloha.. T.

    ps: visit. ALL of you. i mean it.

    1. The drive to Pymatuning always made it feel like you were vacationing somewhere very far away. We camped right in the park. I have so many good memories of that area too! Stop tempting me to the Islands! If I rob a bank-- it is all your fault! :) Seriously, I would love to get out there for a visit, thanks for the invite!