Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Spring-ish week!

RIght now, I am...
 feeling worn down by a couple weeks of crazy behavior courtesy of the offspring. When they act nasty, then yes, they are the offspring. or spawn. Just kidding! Sort of.

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thinking summery stuff, like adding porches on my house and other crazy projects that can't possibly happen, but fill my mind while I do mundane things like pull weeds or yell, "put your clothes back on!" for the millionth time (to Vlad the exhibitionist, of course).

My new gnome, Claude. He completes me.

appreciatingsharing the finer points of itsy-bitsy spider with my Granddaughter. And her very chubby thighs. And her super cute bangs. And her budding art skillz.
In a sweet hat, crocheted by my talented sister, Robyn.

Look at that art! She even painted her fingernails, must have been watching Mama!

 anticipating a sweet new baby, a first Niece for me.

reminding myself of everything as I can't seem to organize my thoughts, actions or household lately.

what the weather will be like for Mother's day. We have a really fun day planned, weather permitting. Another Hoffman adventure!
Some sneak peeks at what we might do!

 hoping to keep getting some hiking in every week. It is not only great exercise, but provides a sense of peace to be surrounded by trees, rocks, water and of course, dirt.
Wolf and Grandpa Jay in the Cuyahoga Valley, at the Blue Hen Falls Trail.

ready for some great salads! I put in mixed lettuces, mesculin mix, arugala, kale and swiss chard.I can't wait!

on peaches! We finally settled on our Olivia tree--each child in our family has had a tree planted for them. Olivia's tree is a cresthaven peach tree. It is loaded with peaches, but is so tiny, I don't know what will happen this year. This adds to our cherries, mulberries and juneberries, quite a mini-orchard!
See! Peaches, teeny tiny peaches!

 the new purse I knitted for wearing when we are out and all I need is my phone and keys. It is my first attempt at cable knitting.

 wanting more of the strawberry syrup I made last night! We had it on wholewheat pancakes for dinner and it was soooooooo good. This morning, Wolf and I enjoyed it mixed in with our homemade plain yogurt and it was perfect! I will definitely make this more often, trying other fruits too. 

Hope you are having a fun, yet peaceful (oh, those boys!),week in your neck of the woods!

(This blog is inspired by my favorite blog, SouleMama!)


  1. What awesome pictures! =) I well remember the kids and the grands painting themselves with markers. Thanks for the memories.

    We have a mini orchard, too. Peaches, pears, plums, apple, and fig trees. Only one small pecan tree though. We really need another one to cross pollinate with the one we already have. Oh, I forgot our blackberry bush and the dew berries that are growing everywhere.

  2. I forgot to say that I love your purse! Want to share the how-to? Maybe a Tut? =)

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments! Your mini-orchard sounds wonderful! I would love a fig tree! I have been led to believe that they require a lot of work to keep them alive over a snowy winter, which has stopped me from getting one. If live in a snowy climate, please share what you do with yours.
      The purse is based on a washcloth pattern! I will see if I can write up how I modified it. It has been really useful for times when I don't need a full-sized purse.
      Now I'm thinking about pecans!