Thursday, May 31, 2012

What's growin' on?

Well, planting season has started and everything here is getting going! This year, I've added more fruits and veggies. I like to fill my yard with edibles. It is truly a joy to appreciate the sights, smells and tastes of your garden. I was shocked to see our "Wolfie Tree" (each child had a tree planted in honor of their birth) has plums on it!!! Six years and suddenly we have plums! I even forgot it was a plum tree! Yeah for cool surprises! Let's check out what's growin' on at the Hoffmanhaus...

Baby Basil, awww, how sweet. 

My neighbor gave me strawberry and raspberry plants. It was 90 degrees that day, so we will see how they do and if their new home is sunny enough.

I scored some veggie plants for 25 cents each! They were bedraggled, but we will try some T.L.C. This little guy has a wee little cauliflower head growing. Will the chipmunks eat all the leaves off? Hmmmmm.

Rainbow chard and kale, pretty and tasty.

A colorful spot that the butterflies like, dianthus, snapdragons, marigolds.

I really needed a hose guide, but I wasn't paying for those cheap plastic ones ever again. I "planted" an empty olive oil bottle and it works great! The green glass is much prettier too. Did I mention it was free?! I added a pretty stone given to me by my Father-in-love and transplanted my chicks and hens around it. I love it!

Lantana, a new plant for me. Pink and yellow in the same flower! I swoon! The butterflies like it too. If it does well, it will be a new favorite and will get put in every year!

I have many lavenders and they are blooming like mad! Truly a favorite because they are beautiful in the summer, but I dry the flowers and enjoy them all winter too.

Lettuce, mesculin mix, arugula and some pepper plants. The salad is out of this world!

Pineapple mint, apple mint and chocolate mint make their way in a sadly neglected patch. I hope to get it snazzier this year.

The mulberries are ready! The kids love to pick them. This year they are extra sweet!

We are losing some, but the larger peaches are hanging in there on Olivia's tree.

Some of the raspberries from my neighbor. Good neighbor's are wonderful!

I made two small rock gardens this year. this one has chicks and hens and portulaca. And hose guides :)

Rose Campion, I love to float these in water with some marigolds and Zinnia for a centerpiece. Neon pink!

I threw some of the berry plants into a pot. These had large berries on them! We will see how they do...

I added a second rain barrel this year! Next year, I hope to add a third possibly. I like that this one has a spigot on the barrel. On my original barrel, the turn off valve is at the end of the hose. Overzealous gardeners have been known to "accidentally" pull the hose off the barrel. That sucks.
I hope you are all growing something this year. Even a pot of chives will give you a thrill when you chop some into your meal and think, "I grew that." I love when kids come over and my boys invariably give them the "you can eat this!" tour. It really surprises kids that you can eat so much of my small yard. It makes me feel good to see my guys proud of all their plants.

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