Friday, September 11, 2009

A fine day

     Today was heavenly!  We went to Asia plaza for a little grocery shopping and whatnot.  I found vegetarian fish sauce (I know, how is it fish sauce without fish, use your imagination) which I haven't found in awhile, plus some wooden flip-flops and a cool glow-in-the-dark crab bracelet.  Pink pocky and chocoboy for the kids, sugar rush!  There is a waterfall outside the plaza so my fountain-loving Wolfie was in heaven.  He did raise a fuss in the market when he got to the meat/fish section, yelling, "I don't like this smell!  Why does it have to smell like this!"  over and over, with feeling.  Vladdie ate some chocoboy, little mushrooms with cookie stems and chocolate caps.  Then he became choco boy!  He covered himself in it, ala Robyn style (when she was little, she is much neater now!)

     We then headed out to Rosby's berry farm and picked red raspberries, a couple of quarts.  The weather was gorgeous!  The kid played with some other kids and gorged themselves on berries.  Wolfie really liked using the map to find the field where we were directed to do our picking.  he also put himself in charge of making sure no bees stung Vladdie.
   Once we got home, Mom came over and we put the first coat of latex paint up in the dining room.  I love it!  The tinted primer was so ugly, I was very nervous.  I have never picked a color and had to repaint it because it was wrong.  I really thought this might happen.  We can't get the last coat up until tomorrow, then it is trim time.  We have to prime the trim, because I fear it is also oil paint.  That will make it take longer, but oh well.
     The day ended with a nice walk up to Joann fabric, which was fruitless except I got huge red rick-rack, how the heck do you spell that any way?  I made tie backs for my new vintage curtains, so sweet!  Matt finshed his latest sculpture, named Grunt.  He is part of his robot sanitation crew.  He is very cute and dirty.

     Now, a little Bertie and Jeeves with Matt!  Snuggle time, British humor, excellent!

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