Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some sewing projects---dragon Cape and repurposed pants

     I have always admired my Mom, Grandmothers and friend, Reva for sewing so well, and being able to sew without a pattern.  I have finally attempted 2 projects without patterns, with decent results!!!!
     I made  costume for Vladdie for Halloween.  It was based off of a costume I saw on someone's blog, but modified to my meager talent level.  It fits my criteria for costumes... must be able to fit over a winter coat!  It is a sweet little dragon cape.  I will probably make some dragon mittens to go with it.  It is much cuter than the pics look.  It is very hard to get kids to pose in ways that show off what they are wearing, or at least it is for my kids!

The next project was a repurposing project.  I wanted to make the kids some pants out of old fabric.  I wasn't sure of the pattern I made for Vlad, so I used an old sweatshirt that had bleach stains.  The sleeves were just long enough to make the pants.  It only required sewing the crotch seam and the waist band because I left the sleeve seams in place and I used the cuffs for the hem.

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