Friday, September 4, 2009

New crazy sewing project

I bought a different cat food and it came in a plastic bag that was so amazingly durable it was a shame to throw away.  I cut it open and ran it through the clothes washer.  Then I made it into a waterproof tote bag


  1. It is pretty amazing how durable this thing is!

  2. hold it! what kind of cat food is that? I've never seen cat food in anything besides normal plastic bags (or boxes or cans, obviously). that's one cool bag! could it work as a shopping tote, or is that going too far?

    btw, nice work on the repurposing projects :)

  3. The bag was plastic, but sort of a weaved plastic. It actually washes up in the washer without losing color, which helps get the smell of the cat food out. I do use it for shopping. It's great for canned food, because it is really heavy duty. The next bag may become a garbage bag for my car, since it is waterproof. Thanks for the comment!