Thursday, September 3, 2009

Health care

I don't even have the strength to write about healthcare reform.  At this point, let us just say I am a medical socialist.  There is socialized medicine for anyone that can't afford health care, or qualify for medicare via age or permanent disability.  I just want my piece of that pie too.  That said, check this out

     This is an entire cereal bowl full of pills. Amazing. These are all of Grandma's pills that were left over after she passed away. You can't flush them and no local pharmacies offer to destroy them. So I had to gather them and mix them in a bag of used cat litter, which I was glad to finally have a use for, seeing as I have really good connections in the poopy cat litter industry. Anyways, she wasn't taking all of these at the time of her passing, don't worry. Just over the past year or so, she had to try different things to see what would work and so they add up. Financially as well, as this has to be at lest a grand's worth of pills. Who needs health care reform? Ummmm????? 

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