Thursday, July 19, 2012

A slice of cake, er, life.

shan's birthday cake
This is the cake I made for my birthday. Note the expansive use of butter cream frosting. Shut up, it was my birthday, I can have cake with double frosting if I wanna.
super doily by Mom (2)
Check out this vintage wrapping paper my Mom sent! It was a very vintage day, as you see that my boys got me the Little House cookbook (we have been reading the series together). My mom-in-love got me a beautiful galvanized watering can and wash basin and antique serving dish. And I'm actually rather vintage too, or as the unrefined refer to me-- old as dirt.
super doily by Mom (3)
Inside the paper was an exquisite crocheted doily made by my Mom! I heart doilies, especially pastel ones made lovingly and elaborately.
super doily by Mom (1)
Just had to don the doily.
look at all these fireworks from grandpa
Wolf looks over a bunch of fireworks from Grandpa Jay.
fire time
Hot fire pit acion!
fireworks, actual size (1)
Fireworks! Actual size!
fireworks, actual size (2)
Ultimate shot! Looks like fire is going through him!
nex mini-fig
Vlad loves mixing media. Here he is working with taditional legos and hero factory. He calls it "Nex mini-fig". This kid builds all day!
Yesterday, Olivia was beating him up, and he says to Jas, "Jassy, you borned a savage baby!"

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  1. I love the unrefined! I think all these kids have been savage babies...