Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Wolfie!

My little guy turned 7 today! He really wanted a surprise party, so His GrandHoffs slept over and joined with all of us in surprising Wolfie when he woke up (very, very early) this morning.

(click here for crack of dawn surprise partying)

After a pancake breakfast celebration, Wolfie received another surprise...a pie delivery! To the kisser!  He loves practical jokes, so this was right up his alley. But, it really surprised him and took him a moment to know what hit him.

(click to see the pie + face = yummy. Yes, he and Vlad then ate the whipped cream)

Per request, Wolfie had a Bowser Jr. cake, made by Mom (the easy parts) and Dad (the artistic and difficult parts)
(Click to see his video of his sweet birthday cake)

It was a wonderful day, just spent at home with lots of time to play with new toys. We finished up with watching a great movie together... and Wolf had a shower, because the kid smelled like redi-whip.


  1. So awesome (in Wolfie's words)! What a great day he had!

  2. The fastest mix of emotions I've ever been witness to, from "Whaaa???" to "It's delicious!" Wolfie just went with the flow!

  3. One of the best lines of the day was Vladdie's, "Good job,Birthday Brother!" after Wolfie's successful blowing out of the candle.

    Fabulous cake, Shannon, and Matt!