Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random drive on a Saturday

Today started off with some errands, like the post office, refilling my Quinoa supply, a garage sale, donut shop.We were having a hard time because the donut place was closed for vacation, the garage sale wasn't set up and it started raining. So, I decided it was a good day for a detour. How about a drive along the coast of Lake Erie? Anyone up for a trip to finally see Train-o-Rama? We hit the road for Marblehead!

Actual water, thrilling!

We ran into a giant on the way!
We visited the lighthouse on Marblehead.

We visited the lighthouse on Marblehead.

We got our feet wet! (Can't see video? click for link.)

The sky was huge and the waves were perfect! (can't see this video either? Geez, click here)

     We made a stop at a great barn sale. I even swapped phone numbers with the lady who owns the barn. She will call me to pick tomatoes when the old farmer down the road has some ripe ones, I taught her how to make soap! Who says people aren't friendly anymore? 
        We eventually made our way to East Harbor State Park. Guess who threw swim suits and towels into the van this morning? This Mama! We hit the waves and had a blast! One wave hit me and flung my hat into the air, which delighted the Hoffbros! We love some good wave action. Plus, the water was warm as bath water. This day only needed one more thing to make it perfect...

Ice cream from a local stand, shaped like the food it serves! Twist cones all around! Choc/vanilla for the 'rents, orange sherbet/ vanilla for the Hoffbros. Bliss! They gave Wolf a replacement after he dropped his. He always drops his and goes apoplectic. It's his thing.
     A quick stop at Bergman's orchard stand for sweet corn and red haven peaches. And their own sweet-hot pickles. A drive home with some ultimate music followed. When we got home, we discovered a new movie in the mailbox, so we watched it. Finally, all 3 of my offspring have been treated to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The circle is complete.
In the words of William S. Preston, Esquire and "Ted" Theodore Logan,
"Be excellent to each other and Party on!"


  1. sounds like an amazing, great day!! Im wondering if the old farmer down the road doesnt have a spot of land for you to borrow/buy..;)

  2. I liked this day. I liked it a lot.