Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Sweet Old Summertime

 We have been so busy lately, not doing much other than enjoying the Summertime. Lots of time on the porch, at the picnic table, and finding water, whether it be a creek, Great Lake, wading pool or sprinkler. I have so many pics to post from our insanely fun birthday bonanzas, the 4th, etc... But it is too nice out and I have some irresistible birthday yarn beckoning me to my spot on the porch, so it will wait. But here is a tiny slice of our lives right now.
First Annual Tomele Bowl-off at Mahall's. Check out their balls!

Those sir, are some high -waisted pants.
Wolf enjoys the serenity of Hemlock creek

Uncle Cameron teaches Vlad some tricks on the log.

This gigantic bag is strictly parade swag! Yes, this is road candy from the parade,  about 5 pounds, no lie! Insanity!

Pre-firework glow  stick yahmulke

Ian and his glow-stick halo

Our city only fired about 2 fireworks before tech difficulties shut them down and it was cancelled. boo.

Vlad can not get enough of Uncle Cameron's tricks.

me, without flash. I'm cool.

with flash, I'm a dork.

Ultimate mini-golfing at Sweetie's golf land!

He actually won, for a change :p

Serious about mini-golf. I definitely need a side holster for my club.

Bring it, mini-golf!

icecream novelty aftermath.

Birthday beach bash!

Who invited the man with the yellow hat and curious george?

Stealing Granny's hat at the sprayground.

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