Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Experiment in laundry

Well, the weather has been so cold and wet, it seems that my opportunity to hang laundry out on the line has passed.  It was wonderful while it lasted.  I got really used to how the clothes came out, with less wrinkles, more easily folded, etc...  I kept hoping for an Indian summer, but It seems like Autumn came down in one fell swoop this year.  Yesterday, the temp in my house was 54 degrees!  Today the house is a balmy 60 degrees!  :) I am trying to resist the urge to put on the heat until Halloween, but I suspect I will lose that fight over the next few days, as highs will be in the 40's.
     So I decided to try a one week experiment in hanging laundry inside.  It seemed like an impossible pain in the butt.  However, after one week, I can tell you that I love it!  I have been hanging in a doorway with a tension shower rod that I found in our basement.  I hope to get a clothing rack from our basement emptied (currently used to hold out of season clothes), and start drying in the basement. I have to tell you, it really isn't hard.  I am excited to use less energy and prolong the life of my clothes.  Yes, I need to get out more!

Here is a load of whites hanging. Takes about 24 hours to dry. It will probably dry more quickly when the heat is turned on.

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