Saturday, October 10, 2009

My little boys

Wolfie is into loving lately. He calls it "making pink sparkles". When I came from work today, both boys hugged and kissed me over and over, in a way they usually don't do. Wolfie told me, "Mom, you make pink hearts in my eyes." What a sweetie!

Vladdie is a coffee lover!  He always wants to sit and have a cup with me.  He loves it and would drink a whole cup, but I usually give him milk with a spoonful of coffee.  He takes the cup in both hands, sips deeply, sighs and then says, with feeling, "mmmmm, good coffee Ma."  I have visions of coffee dates with my now teenage son, sharing secrets over a cuppa joe.  Then I realize I am a nutter!  It is so easy to take any hint of skill, interest or preference for something in your child and load it into your future magnifying projector.  For example, your child loves books, load, pop, he grows up to be a writer, for sure.  He likes to make crazy faces, load, pop, he is thanking the academy, and his mother, for his Oscar.

Ah,but you ask, what about Jas?  She's my dolly, even still at this late age.  I still like to dress her up, natch!  But now, I get to feel proud of her and happy when I see how sweet she can be with her brothers,after 16 years as an only child.  They adore her!  Vladdie has a thing for Nate though.  I swear,he must keep lollipops in his pockets!  Speaking of which, he just got promoted to asst. manager!

Oh, another funny thing from today. We were out on a walk and a bird pooped on wolf's sleeve.  He was unhappy and shocked.  Then he said, very calmly, "Maybe I should poop on a bird."

Ah, I can't decide if they keep me young or make me get old more quickly!

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  1. i would say that they make you and matt both younger. but that's just my opinion. :)