Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some quotes from the boys

     The boys have been very funny lately and I have been bad about writing down what they have said or done, so I have forgotten some stuff I really wanted to remember.  Therefore, I will jot some things down now.
**Wolf has started writing some words and finding words he knows on signs.  He is really into signs and asks us to draw ones upon request.  These have included "no butts on the table", "No smoking dogs allowed", "no tornadoes", and "no babies messing up the room"
**Wolfie is mad that we are getting our roof replaced.  He argues with me to not have it done because "our roof is a classic!  They don't make them like they used to!"
**Wolf also got upset with me for not giving him candy in the grocery store and announced rather loudly that he "only needs ONE parent."  He suggested that I sit out on the front porch where I might get struck by lightning or perhaps float away.  A little flair for the dramatic.  One can only wonder what he will come up with when in the throes of teen aged angst.
**Wolfie was having fun playing on the Steggie statue before going into the Natural History Museum.  When we came out, some older children were playing on it and he was mad!  "They are breaking up my Steggie fun," he shouted over and over.  "Steggie is my own personal retreat!"  I believe I was abducted by aliens and returned to this planet pregnant with this child!

**Vladdie knows his colors now, but always refers to white as "coconut" and brown as "chocowet".  A boy after my own heart!
**Vladdie walked up to me, handing me at least 6 plugs for childproofing the outlets, then opened the childproofed cupboard.  Houdini?  Possibly.
**Vladdie absolutely loves coloring and cutting paper.  He is equally fond of art in general.  He loves to spot public art while we are out and has pointed out some I didn't know existed.  He especially enjoys his Grandpa's art.

I know I have forgotten so many more cuter things, but I confess to being old and having cerebral atrophy.  It is very tiring trying to stay one step ahead of these two!

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  1. it sounds like wolfie is very hygienic, which is always a pleasant surprise with a boy. haha! i love vladdie's names for colors too. colors that reflect their flavors are always a good thing!