Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yet another reason why my husband is so great...

     I have been under the weather, as have the boys, but only minimally so.  At any rate, between that and getting the furnace fixed and 40-ish degree weather, there has been almost no outside play this week.  The little guys were itchin' for some outside fun.  I grumbled off to work and Dad went into gear, bundling and escorting children out of doors. 

     Somehow, this ended up with them walking around town, including out to eat and then the library.  I stopped and picked them up on my way home, impressed as hell that he did all this with 2 wild, cooped up boys sans naps.  Then I looked at 4 year old Wolfie, or better yet, his pants.  He had on his 2 year old brother's pants!  They looked like culottes!  Plus, he had on brightly colored lightning mcqueen socks, orange crocs, mittens and a plaid jacket!  I felt like Captain Von Trapp when he realized that his children were traipsing all over Vienna dressed in old drapes (although I did just make them pants from some muslin curtains! )

     Then I felt the baby's diaper.  At least 5 pounds!  This man was brave enough to head out for more than 4 hrs., including lunch, without so much as an extra diaper!  I would have had one poopy kid and another wearing a milkshake for a hat.  Not this guy.  Seemingly bullet-proof from the power of ridiculous pants, he completed his trip unscathed.  My Hero!

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  1. And me just doing all this in blunder mode...