Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Psssst... Don't tell Wolfie!

I did it!  I made Wolfie an R2-D2 hat for Christmas!  I found a fleece hat tutorial 
and then Lovingly made patterns, cut out, basted and sewed on the R2 components.  This is a boy that utterly LOVES R2-D2!  He sleeps with him, faced his fear of hair washing with him and takes him with him where ever he goes.
   !!!!~Today I caught Wolfie playing with the Asoka (girl Jedi) and Anakin (boy Jedi) action figures.  He was making them kiss and they were telling each other that they loved each other !  His Dad, a historically accurate Star Wars fan tried to explain that Anakin was married to Senator Amidala.  He didn't seem to care.  You can't stop love.

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  1. i love that! if i get my sewing machine in time, i think richard might need one.