Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things I am loving right now...

1.  My electric knifeMy carnivorous brother mocks my need for an electric knife.  Same brother generously gifts me delicious loaves of home-made bread.  First loaf cut by hand, hmmm, lets just say that one slice = 24 servings.  Then I cranked up the knife. Ha!  The slices were thin and beautiful, as they should be.  Also great for cutting home-made Seitan, or quorn roast or Tofurkey!

2.  My garlic rock:  Yes, it is a rock.  A large/ flat /smooth one.  I soaked, scrubbed, boiled and dishwashered it many, many times.  Now I use it to crush and peel my garlic, instead of using the edge of my good knife.  It crushes like no other.  Throw it in the dishwasher to clean it.  Voila!

3. :   A fun, free website for children learning to read.  Lots of fun stuff!

4.  Castille soap:  We got a bottle as a gift from my awesome Mom during her visit at the start of July.  It has replaced shampoo, soap, bodywash and shaving cream for my 2 boys, husband and myself.  One bottle needed, and it still hasn't run out, although it is getting close.  Amazing Almond scent too.  Reminds me of old Jergen's lotion.  Love that smell.

     So, what are you loving lately????

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  1. hmmmm...

    1. i'm also loving my castille soap! it's also a very useful ingredient in a household cleaning spray: fill a spray bottle with water, 10 drops of tea tree oil, and 2 squirts of castille soap. it dissolves grease and disinfects beautifully.

    2. kitchenaid mixer - i have saved so much time with it this past week.

    3. new carpet shampooer - floors look like new!

    4. "jabba" clothes hanging device - makes hanging lingerie and socks a dream!